Yeti ARC Review

A blue mountain bike sits on a trail with mountains in the background.

Get ready to embrace the trail in a whole new way – the Yeti’s Hardtail option is back. This is not just another hardtail; it is Yeti’s version of a hardtail. From singletrack to pump tracks, and even your bikepacking journeys, the Yeti Arc is a swift and responsive companion. Steeped in history, poised for new experiences, the Arc is waiting.


The Yeti Arc isn’t a mere relic of the past; it’s a reimagination of what a trail bike can be. While it pays homage to its roots, this frame is far from stuck in the past. With integrated ISCG 05 tabs for chain guide compatibility, the Arc bridges the gap between the past and future innovation.


Step into the future with the Yeti Arc’s contemporary hardtail geometry. It’s a delicate balance of responsive maneuverability and rear-wheel traction, giving you the confidence to tackle any trail with finesse.

Trail-Ready Capabilities

The Arc takes hardtail performance to new heights, designed around a 130mm fork that transforms it into a trail dominator. Beyond the limitations of a standard XC race bike, the Arc conquers trails with finesse and power.

Tranquil Adventure

The Arc’s internally routed cable tubes, featuring secure closures, eliminate rattles and distractions. Additionally, a cutting-edge chain slap protector ensures that your ride remains a symphony of serenity.

New Features & Specifications

  • Dual-Sided Downtube Mounts: Unlock the possibilities of extended rides and added gear with these mounts, allowing you to venture further and carry more.
  • Full-Stroke Dropper Compatibility: The Arc accommodates dropper posts up to 200mm, giving you maximum flexibility for your riding style.
  • Integrated ISCG 05 Tabs: The Arc embraces modern demands with integrated ISCG 05 tabs for seamless chain guide compatibility.

Yeti ARC Colorways

The Yeti Arc is available in 3 different colorways. Turquoise, Cobalt Blue and Rhino Grey, each reflecting a unique personality:


This is the classic Yeti color and there is no mistaking what bike you are riding. We think this color is best paired with orange accents.

A turquoise mountain bike on a white background.

Cobalt Blue

Looking for something less flashy? Cobalt Blue could be your option. This is a super cool, understated look.

A blue mountain bike on a white background.

Rhino Grey

Looking for something a little more soft-spoken? This could be your color. With Rhino Grey you can pair with just about any accent colors.

A mountain bike is shown against a white background.

Yeti ARC Build Kits

Choose from a range of build kits that go from top of the line to frame only. Prices range from $8,400 for the complete works to $2,100 for the frame only.

Build Kit Overview

Drivetrain: The top two builds, T4 XX Transmission and T3 XO Transmission, have electronic shifting and the revolutionary SRAM Transmission drive train. When you move to the T2 & C2 builds you get manual or traditional shifting.

Suspension: The top 3 builds get you a Fox Factory Fork, while the C2 build is Fox Performance shock. Should be noted the C2 build has a Fox Factory upgrade for $600

Brakes: The T4, T3 & T2 have SRAM Level TLM brakes. The T3 and T2 have SRAM Level TLM Brakes and the less expensive C2 build has SRAM TL brakes.

Frame: All frames are TURQ Carbon. This is different than other bikes that offer both TURQ and C-Series Carbon.

Tires: All builds have a MAXXIS ASSEGAI 2.5 EXO+ up front and a MAXXIS MINION DHR II 2.4 EXO+ in the rear.

Build Kit Comparison Table

ModelFrame MaterialDrivetrainForkBrakesPrice
T4 XX T-Type TransmissionTURQ CarbonSRAM XX T-TypeFox Factory 34 Fit4Level TLM Brakes$8,400
T3 XO T-Type TransmissionTURQ CarbonSRAM X0 T-TypeFox Factory 34 Fit4Level TLM Brakes$6,900
T2TURQ CarbonSRAM X01 EagleFox Factory 34Level TLM Brakes$5,800
C2TURQ CarbonSRAM GX EagleFox Performance 34Level TL Brakes$4,600
Frame OnlyTURQ CarbonNoneNoneNone$2,100

Build Kit Details

T4 XX Transmission

The T4 XX Transmission includes a TURQ Carbon Frame, 130 mm Fox Factory 34 Fit4, SRAM XX T-Type and Level TLM Brakes with a price of $8,400.

For this you get a top of the line bike with the best frame, the best drivetrain, the best brakes, the best dropper and the best of everything.

Upgrades – DT Swiss EXC 1501 carbon wheels are available for $1,000.

T4 vs T3 – When comparing the T4 with the T3 ARC build, you’ll spend an extra $1,500 for upgrades. The upgrades consist of switching from the XO Transmission to the XX Transmission, upgrading the Level TLM brakes to the Level Ultimate Brakes, and exchanging the Fox Transfer dropper with a Fox Factory Transfer dropper.

T3 X0 Transmission

The T3 X0 TRANSMISSION includes TURQ Carbon Frame, 130 mm Fox Factory 34 Fit4, SRAM X0 T-Type and Level TLM Brakes for $6,900.

Upgrades – DT Swiss EXC 1501 carbon wheels are available for $1,000.

T3 vs T4 – When comparing the T3 build with the T4 build, you save $1,500 and trade XX Transmission for XO Transmission. Level Ultimate Brakes for Level TLM Brakes and a Fox Transfer Factory dropper for the Fox Transfer dropper.

T3 vs T2 – When comparing the T3 build with the T2 build, you spend $1,100 more and get: Transmission Electronic shifting over standard XO1 shifting. Both have Level TLM Brakes and a Fox Transfer dropper post.


The T2 build includes a TURQ Carbon Frame, 130 mm Fox Factory 34, SRAM X01 Eagle and Level TLM Brakes for $5,800.

Upgrades – DT Swiss EXC 1501 carbon wheels are available for $1,000.

T2 vs T3 – When comparing the T2 build to the T3 build, you save $1,100 and get the standard XO drivetranin and shifting instead of the electric Transmission drivetrain. Both have the same Level TLM Brakes and Fox Transfer dropper post.

T2 vs C2 – When comparing the T2 build to the C2 build, you spend $1,200 more and get quite a few improvements. GX Eagle becomes XO Eagle, Level TL brakes become Level TLM brakes, a Oneup dropper becomes a Fox Transfer dropper and a Burgtec handlebar becomes a Yeti Carbon handlebar.


The C2 build includes a TURQ Carbon Frame, 130 mm Fox Performance 34, SRAM GX Eagle and Level TL Brakes for $4,600.

Upgrades – Fox Factory Suspension is available for $600.

C2 vs T2 – When comparing the C2 build to the more expensive T2 build, you save $1,200 and skip these component upgrades. No XO upgrade from GX Eagle, No Level TLM brakes you have Level TL brakes, and you get a Oneup dropper instead of a Fox Transfer dropper. The handlebar is a Burgtec alloy instead of a Yeti carbon.


The “Frame Only” option is the TURQ Frame with no components for $2,100.

Since it is just a frame without any components there is not much to compare. The price does give you a sense of how expensive the different builds will be.

Where to Buy

Immerse yourself in the Yeti Arc experience by visiting authorized Yeti dealers. Discover the perfect match for your trail aspirations and start writing new chapters of your riding journey.

Your Local Yeti Dealer

  • Jenson USA
  • Adventuron
  • Backcountry
  • Competitive Cyclist


The Yeti Arc’s geometry is more than just numbers; it’s a meticulously crafted equation that unlocks the bike’s trail prowess. Designed to seamlessly blend agility, stability, and responsiveness, the Arc’s geometry invites you to conquer trails with confidence and finesse.

Wheel Size

The Yeti Arc boasts a 29-inch wheel size, striking the ideal balance between rolling efficiency and nimble maneuverability. This choice ensures that you can smoothly navigate rough terrain while maintaining the ability to respond swiftly to trail nuances.

Reach and Effective Top Tube Length

The reach of a bike is akin to its cockpit length, determining how comfortable and maneuverable you feel while riding. The Yeti Arc offers various sizes with corresponding reach measurements:

  • Small (SM): 16.5 inches
  • Medium (MD): 17.5 inches
  • Large (LG): 18.3 inches
  • Extra Large (XL): 19.3 inches

The effective top tube length complements the reach, contributing to your comfort and control while steering through diverse trails:

  • Small (SM): 22.7 inches
  • Medium (MD): 23.8 inches
  • Large (LG): 24.6 inches
  • Extra Large (XL): 25.7 inches

Stack and Headtube Length

The stack height and headtube length work together to define your riding position. A higher stack provides a more upright posture, enhancing comfort during long rides or climbs. The Arc’s stack measurements for each size are as follows:

  • Small (SM): 24.9 inches
  • Medium (MD): 25.2 inches
  • Large (LG): 25.4 inches
  • Extra Large (XL): 25.8 inches

The headtube length determines the height of your front end and influences steering responsiveness:

  • Small (SM): 3.7 inches
  • Medium (MD): 4.1 inches
  • Large (LG): 4.3 inches
  • Extra Large (XL): 4.7 inches

Seat Tube Length and Angle

The seat tube length dictates your pedaling efficiency, allowing you to transfer power effectively. The Yeti Arc offers the following seat tube lengths:

  • Small (SM): 15 inches
  • Medium (MD): 16.1 inches
  • Large (LG): 17.7 inches
  • Extra Large (XL): 19.5 inches

The effective seat tube angle influences your seated pedaling posture and forward weight distribution, enhancing climbing performance:

  • Effective Seat Tube Angle: 76 degrees

Headtube Angle

The headtube angle significantly affects how your bike handles on descents and technical terrain. A slacker angle provides stability at speed while sacrificing some agility. The Yeti Arc features a consistent headtube angle across all sizes:

  • Headtube Angle: 67 degrees

Bottom Bracket Height

The distance from the ground to the bottom bracket impacts your bike’s stability and cornering capabilities. The Yeti Arc maintains a consistent bottom bracket height for all sizes:

  • Bottom Bracket Height: 12.2 inches

Chainstay Length and Front Center

The chainstay length affects your bike’s responsiveness and balance. The Yeti Arc maintains uniform chainstay lengths across all sizes:

  • Chainstay Length: 17.0 inches

The front center measurement is the distance between the front axle and the bottom bracket. It plays a crucial role in steering stability and weight distribution:

  • Small (SM): 28.0 inches
  • Medium (MD): 29.1 inches
  • Large (LG): 30.0 inches
  • Extra Large (XL): 31.1 inches

Wheelbase and Standover

The wheelbase encompasses the entire length of your bike and influences stability, while standover height determines how comfortably you can straddle the bike:

  • Small (SM): Wheelbase: 45 inches, Standover: 28.5 inches
  • Medium (MD): Wheelbase: 46.1 inches, Standover: 28.4 inches
  • Large (LG): Wheelbase: 47.0 inches, Standover: 28.3 inches
  • Extra Large (XL): Wheelbase: 48.2 inches, Standover: 28.3 inches

Axle to Crown and Offset

The axle-to-crown measurement represents the distance from your fork’s axle to the crown race seat. The offset affects how your bike handles by influencing trail and steering responsiveness:

  • Axle to Crown: 21.4 inches
  • Offset: 1.7 inches

Vertical Fork Travel

The Yeti Arc’s fork travel ensures smooth navigation over rough terrain, providing cushioning and control:

  • Vertical Fork Travel: 4.7 inches

Fit Guide

  • Small (SM): Fits riders from 5’1″ to 5’7″
  • Medium (MD): Fits riders from 5’5″ to 5’11”
  • Large (LG): Fits riders from 5’10” to 6’3″
  • Extra Large (XL): Fits riders from 6’1″ to 6’7″

Pros And Cons Of Yeti ARC


  • Contemporary hardtail geometry for responsive trail performance.
  • Trail-ready capabilities with a 130mm fork.
  • Integrated ISCG 05 tabs for modern adaptability.
  • Thoughtful features like internally routed cables and chain slap protector.
  • Range of build kits catering to diverse preferences.


  • Limited to hardtail experience, without full suspension cushioning.
  • Specialized design may not appeal to all riding styles.


The Yeti Arc revitalizes the essence of trail riding, reimagining it for the modern adventurer. It’s not just about revisiting the past; it’s about carving new trails and reliving the passion that first ignited your love for the outdoors. The Yeti Arc seamlessly blends tradition and innovation, crafting a bike that’s not only a part of history but also a part of your future.


Answers to Common Questions

  • Can I install a full-stroke dropper on the Arc? Yes, the Arc is designed to accommodate dropper posts up to 200mm, ensuring optimal adaptability for your riding style.
  • Is the Yeti Arc suitable for aggressive trail riding? Absolutely. The Arc’s trail-ready capabilities and modern geometry make it a versatile companion for conquering challenging trails with confidence.
  • Are there options for customization? Yes, the Arc offers various build kits that cater to different preferences and budgets, allowing you to tailor your bike to your exact needs.

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