The best chain whips (which ones to buy and when)

Best Chain Whips

My cassette got worn out, and I wanted to replace it with my new one but, I realized you can’t just unscrew the lockring without holding the wheel in place. So, I researched into the different ways to do it and decided on using a chain whip.

What is a Chain Whip / Sprocket Remover?

Then I did a bunch of research into which ones were the best and why, then I put it all together in this helpful article to explain which chain whips are the best.

So, what are the best chain whips? The best chain whips are the:

  1. Oumers Bike Cassette Removal Tool
  2. Z-color Bicycle Freewheel Turner Chain Whip
  3. QKurt Chain Whip Tool Kit
  4. Park Tool Sprocket Remover 12.2

Why they are better than the options needs further explaining. So, below I will discuss why I chose them and also some other tips and useful information about chain whips. Read on to discover when you should by one, and what makes these chain whips so good.

What to look for when buying a chain whip

First of all, like me you might have discovered that holding the rear wheel in place while trying to remove the lock nut is easier said than done. If you try to hold it with your hand you won’t be able to. And, jamming a wrench or other solid metal tool into the spokes to stop the wheel will bend and damage the spokes.

But, there are many do it yourself methods that can work. Depending on how tight your lock nut is screwed in and how strong your wrists and hands are. An outdoorsy handyman person, who works with their hands will find that they can tough it out, and get the lock nut loose.

But, an everyday cyclist or professional cyclist won’t be able to loosen the locknut even with a do it yourself method. It requires far too much torque to keep it in place long enough to loosen the nut.

Because of that a chain whip or cassette pliers are needed to give you the required leverage. Cassette pliers work the same way as a chain whip – by holding the cassette in place – it’s either on or the other. And neither is better than the other. There are just two different tools that do the same thing.

I also wrote an article where I review the best cassette pliers. You should definitely give it a read by clicking [here: best cassette plier] to go to the article. That way you can decide whether you want to get cassette pliers or a chain whip. But, again they do the exact same thing, and neither is better than the other.

Because of their design, and the angle you can hold the chain whip at, you use the strongest muscles in your arm, without requiring much strength in your wrist.

Without a chain whip it’s like trying to open a jar that is too tight. You have to hold it really close to your body, and your wrist muscles need to hold your hand in place while your arm does the turning. Not, and easy feat.

There are do it yourself methods for making your own chain whip at home. Some don’t require much time to create, but require special equipment. Others are a bit more involved and you will probably find that it’s cheaper and less time intensive to buy a chain whip.

However, some folks don’t have the patience to wait for it to come in the post. Or, have an interest in sustainable, handyman survival type living, and like recycling old materials, and making things themselves. Hey, I have some of those tendencies so all power to ya.

Because of that, I recently wrote an article about how to make a chain whip on your own, with items you may have lying around your home. You can read it by clicking [here: link to How to make your own chain whip] to go to the article.

Most come in at around $20, and can get delivered within a few days on Amazon. They are also really easy and fast to use. So feel free to skip making one yourself.

With that being said here’s my review of the best chains whips:

Oumers Bike Cassette Removal Tool

What it comes with:

It comes with the chain whip itself, a lockring remover tool, and another fitting for the end of the lockring remover tool. So, you’ll have an extra lockring remover wrench which is very handy. Often, these are hard to find, or you left it God knows where. This is all included at the same low price.

Park Tool SR-12.2 Sproket Remover / Chain Whip

Park Tool Sprocket Remover / Chain Whip

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